TNA announcer reveals new Impact Wrestling game in the works for iPad

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TNA announcer reveals new Impact Wrestling game in the works for iPad

During last Thursday's Impact Wrestling post show, TNA announcer Jeremy Borash dutifully responded to a question tweeted in by a viewer.

Nothing particularly unusual or interesting about that, you might think, until you realise Borash was responding directly to a question on whether TNA was working on a follow-up to the company's 2011 smartphone game.

"Always in the works, always being worked on. There's an iPad game, new iPad game that's being worked on. A lot of stuff being bantered about," Borash revealed.

"Obviously, that is something that is in the works. Even if we were to announce it now, the turnaround time on a game is a long time, so I don't think you will see anything in the next couple months at least."

It's true, it's true!

At the minute, we don't know much else about this in-development TNA grappling game, but we presume it won't deviate too far from the tried-and-tested template for a pro wrestling game.

Saying that, perhaps this as-yet-untitled game will take its design cues from the recent retro arcade beat-'em-up WWE WrestleFest, though given WWE and TNA are currently embroiled in a major lawsuit, that may not be too wise.

As for who'll make it onto the final roster in TNA's forthcoming iPad title, well, nothing's been confirmed so far. Pretty safe to assume Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, and RVD will be playable characters in this new brawler, mind.

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