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Only a few card games have made their way into the virtual space, with Poker and Solitaire being the most recognisable of the bunch.

However, Uno is carving out a virtual identity thanks to its quick pace of play, multiplayer-centric attitude, and ease of play.

World trip

Uno & Friends plays out very much like, well, Uno.

The Campaign mode sees you trotting across the globe to face off against Uno legends, with a mix of game types to play and mini-games dotted between rounds.

The gameplay is pretty much as you'd expect from an Uno title, requiring you to empty your hand and shout “Uno” when one card remains in your hand. Uno legends can also dish out special moves that can scupper your plans, but beating them does mean you unlock it for yourself.

There's also a Hot-seat Mode that lets you play along with friends by passing your phone around.

Wild card

However, there are some elements that seem a little unnecessary – such as the ability to customise your character by spending points, or the ridiculously weighted nature of some card draws.

But that hardly ruins your enjoyment, allowing you to happily dive back in to beat your opponent with renewed determination.

Uno & Friends

A little bit of fun on a rainy afternoon with or without friends, but it probably won't hold your attention for more than a few minutes at a time
Vaughn Highfield
Vaughn Highfield
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