Undercover: Dual Motives video revealed

The DS point-and-click invasion starts here

Undercover: Dual Motives video revealed
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| Undercover: Dual Motives

London, 1939. You're searching for a double agent in a British research laboratory. Cue that serious period music.

And, why not? It seems to be in keeping with the setting and pace of Undercover: Dual Motives, a thoughtful point-and-click adventure that developer Sproing reckons will have you scratching your head as you try to solve its inventive puzzles to get to the bottom of a pre-war atomic secrets mystery.

Plenty of touchscreen action (including mini-games) is promised, too, with the just-released video showing what looks like a situation where you have to open a locked door by drawing the shape of the corresponding key with your stylus.

Sadly though, you'll have to get out your magnifying glasses to make the most of the footage, which for some reason is based around multiple, small DS-sized video streams, making it difficult to see exactly what's going on.

Anyway, start squinting now:

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Undercover: Dual Motives is due to be released in September.

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