Undawn is an upcoming post apocalyptic title by Tencent Games heading for iOS and Android

Undawn is an upcoming post apocalyptic title by Tencent Games heading for iOS and Android
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Tencent Games has announced a brand new open-world co-op action game called Undawn. The story is all about a post-apocalyptic world where humans need to fight zombies for their survival. Undawn is being developed by the same team that made the famous battle royale PUBG Mobile.

The game will feature elements of both the open-world and RPG genre. Which makes sense, since games that fuse multiple genres are becoming more popular. With this, it’s likely that Undawn will make a mark in the app markets.

Like any other open-world survival game, you have to be a scavenger to ensure your survival. Create perfect strategies to utilise the limited resources and brace yourselves to face those deadly zombies.

Experience a combination of PvP and PvE gameplay with Undawn. Go on a hunt and collect essentials by exploring the nearby areas. Remember to craft and upgrade the weapons for better damage. Also, keep your guard up as the zombies may appear anytime.

In addition, the game promotes teamwork to stay safe and fight them off easily. Pair up with other players to build a safe and strong shelter. Ask them to help you collect resources and even trade them.

Having allies and keeping them nearby to you is the best decision in survival games as the main aim is to stay alive from the enemies. Show your survival skill and tackle the zombies by keeping yourself and your allies alive.

Looking at the game’s story and the popularity of the publisher, Undawn will be up to the expectations of the players with amazing graphics and multiplayer in-game content. Stay tuned for the official announcement regarding the release of the game.

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