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Undawn tips and tricks for survival

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Undawn tips and tricks for survival

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Undawn is a genuinely unique survival MMO. If you are interested in games like Life After, you'll find that it is definitely worth playing. While it shares some similarities, it shines with its own unique features and gameplay elements. Lightspeed Studios offers rich options to personalise your character, making it one of the most customisation-packed systems in gaming. Furthermore, Undawn features a health, hygiene, and exercise system that requires you to regularly rest, eat, and maintain your physical well-being, adding a realistic and complex survival element.

It might sound exhausting thinking about trying to get the hang of everything at once, but fear not. Together, we will discover the best tips and tricks to survive this apocalyptic world. So, let's jump right into this guide!


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Tip #1: Homestead Management

Your homestead is your sanctuary in Undawn. At level 2, you can relocate it, and at level 3, your farmland becomes active. This farmland is essential for growing various resources, including friendship-building rose seeds and crops for homestead points.

Remember that your character level is linked to your homestead level. If you are looking for some extra buffs, pay attention to extreme weather events that occur twice a day, such as blood moons, rust rain, and radiation particles. The "C" locations during these events contain a significant volume of resources.

Tip #2: Free Ammo

Let's talk about free ammo. During missions, when you stumble upon ammo crates, they do more than just give you a quick reload. Pay close attention to their icons. If the icon is red, that means it's temporary and your regular ammo won't be affected when you use it. To switch to the temporary ammo, simply click on the crate.

This is especially handy when you are wrapping up a mission. Grab the temporary ammo crate before finishing, and when you're back in the world, your regular ammo pool will be fully stocked. This tip is perfect for those intense PvP moments.

Note: The mission event and explore tab on the top left corner of your screen will be your guiding light. Trust me, it's like having a roadmap.

Tip #3: The Market Shortcut

I've noticed many people asking where to find various items in Undawn. Here's a handy shortcut. Find the market icon in the main menu. It's easy to miss this feature since you must scroll a bit to see it. But here, you can access all your in-game currencies, combat points, contribution points, and everything you'd normally buy from NPCs. Say goodbye to those time-consuming trips to different towns; shop from this menu and save loads of time.

Tip #4: Time-Saving Storage

It's all about the grind, and every second counts. To save time, place a storage box right by your home's entrance. This quick storage spot will be a lifesaver. Just walk in, and it'll automatically deposit all your stored items. It might sound boring and useless at first since it only shaves off 20–30 seconds each time, but trust me, those seconds add up over days, weeks, and months. So, create a quick storage spot and get back to your adventures faster.

Tip #5: In-Game Item Info

Now, here's a tip that'll help you find anything you need without needing to resort to YouTube guides. Did you know that every item image or text is clickable? It's super handy. Wondering where to find plywood? Just click on it, and it'll tell you to craft it on the workbench. Need a scale? No problem; it tells you to buy it from the combat point shop.

Note: This works for any item you see in the crafting interface.

Crafting is important in Undawn. Head to the tools section in the bottom left menu to create useful items like pickaxes and axes.

Tip #6: Roles and Specialisations

There are around 10 roles, each with its own attributes and specialisations. The first four roles - logger, miner, gatherer, and hunter - focus on resource farming. The Chef, Angler, Scavenger, and Firearms Master roles offer unique gameplay experiences. Don't forget to upgrade your tools to gather higher-level resources efficiently.

There are also various skills and expertise, including throwables, turrets, mines, healing devices, and passives. Enhance your character's abilities through the training camp and choose expertise aligned with your play style.

Tip #7: Daily Rewards

Undawn encourages daily logins with features like the survival path offering rewards over 14 days, including a free blue Jeep. You also get three free spins in the store's gacha and can redeem codes in the redemption centre for additional rewards.

Tip #8: Take Care of Your Character

Navigate to the survival tab where you'll find a health monitor for your character, allowing you to monitor your character's hunger, hygiene, and more. Don't forget to rest, eat, and tend to your character's needs regularly. A well-cared-for character is a happy and capable one.

On a side note, here are the items you need to keep on your daily and weekly shopping list for a better quality of life: radiators and lubricant for daily refining; equipment crafting crates for weapon and armour crafting; a classic modern bookshelf for extra storage; an enhanced syringe for permanent character boosts; and regularly check the adventure guide for story-related rewards.

Tip #9: Building Your House

Creating your dream shelter is easier than you think. Equip the construction workbench, gather some wood, and get crafting. Walls, floors, and roofs can be crafted here, making it simple to construct your ideal home base. You can also chop wood for materials or make an axe for efficiency.

Tip #10: Optimise Your Settings

Lastly, it’s better to adjust your settings for improved performance rather than quality. It's important to enjoy the game and not lag here and there - or, in a worst-case scenario, crashing mid-game. So, don't be lazy and take a look at the settings menu by clicking on the top right corner, and you will find what you need in the basic settings. Turn on auto-sprint for convenience, and consider enabling automatic fire to make dealing with zombies a piece of cake.

And there you have it, the best tips and tricks to help you thrive in Undawn. I hope it was helpful for my fellow players. Additionally, we’ve got free goodies that you can get - you just have to redeem Undawn codes.

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