Play Together is a cute, casual open world game that's available to pre-register for Android

The game is already available on Google Play in some regions

Play Together is a cute, casual open world game that's available to pre-register for Android
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Play Together is a casual-multiplayer social-network game by Haegin which is now available to pre-register for Android. To be specific, it is a sandbox type open-world game where you have to interact and play together with other players to make progress. It will be heading for iOS and Android this year, with pre-registration open on the latter. 

The game starts by putting you on an imaginary island called Kaia. Upon arriving at the Plaza, you have to carry out multiple tasks in any order you like. Use your imagination to its best as the island can be what you'd like it to.

Join the series of minigames and be the last player standing to win the rounds. Travel through the town, deserts and take part in events and do remember to save yourself from getting knocked out. The game has 17 miniseries games for you to take part in along with your friends.

On the other hand, customize the game’s elements with your own creativity. Starting from the character to the costumes, almost everything can be changed. The game also grants you a house of your own ready to live in. Decorate it to create your own landmark among other houses.

Everything you need for your day to day life is readily available in the Plaza. Visit it to buy yourself food. Also, it has a car showroom which has everything from luxurious convertibles to old fashioned antique cars.

Apart from having all the fun with your gang inside the Plaza, remember to complete the quests. There will be numerous quests ready for you to complete to earn massive rewards.

If you love pets, then you might want to buy one. Choose from 27 pets available and go on walks and train them. In addition, learn new cooking skills and go on hiking and climb up to the top.

Play Together is now available on the Google Play Store to pre-register, while the game has already been released in some regions. It will also arrive on the App Store later this year. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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