Undawn, the highly anticipated zombie survival game from the PUBG Mobile developers, opens pre-registration

Undawn, the highly anticipated zombie survival game from the PUBG Mobile developers, opens pre-registration
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Lightspeed Studios, the developers behind the legendary mobile battle royale PUBG Mobile, have announced the opening of pre-registrations for their upcoming zombie-themed survival game Undawn. Alongside this news, there’s also a sweet new trailer for interested gamers to check out too!

Announced way back in early 2021, Undawn is looking to become the hot new survival game for mobile audiences. With a studio as acclaimed as Lightspeed behind it too, there’s a strong chance that this one is worthy of your attention if you’re a fan of the survival genre or zombie-themed games.

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Undawn also has some lofty goals, seeking to be a fully-fledged 3D open-world MMO where you, alongside a ton of other players, will be able to explore a persistent and changing open world. Sporting big features like a full weather system, base building, and social elements, Undawn is looking to truly change the landscape of open-world survival on mobile platforms.

The gameplay loop will consist of elements similar to a lot of survival titles, such as managing food needs, hydration meters, and all those sorts of things. Of course, this is a zombie and bandit-infested world, so you’ll also be chasing down lots of gear to do battle with as well.

To further entice interested players, Undawn is also running its pre-registration campaign, which is going to be handing out a vast variety of rewards upon the game’s planned launch later this year. These rewards will get more plentiful as milestones are reached, much like most other mobile games tend to do.

If you’re looking to get ahead of the curve and get your hands on those pre-registration rewards, you can do so by checking out either of the links below this article!

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