Uma Musume: Pretty Derby, the bizarre, hugely popular game, is coming to English-speaking territories

The wild and wacky world of horsegirl racing is on its way

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby, the bizarre, hugely popular game, is coming to English-speaking territories
  • Uma Musume: Pretty Derby will finally be getting an English release
  • The game now has official media channels in English
  • A horsegirl racing simulator, it's been a seismic hit worldwide

In a surprising announcement, Cygames will release horsegirl-racing simulator Uma Musume: Pretty Derby in English-speaking territories for the first time. While we don't yet have a solid release date, the game will most likely be coming to both iOS and Android, as it's available for both in its native language.

Uma Musume is set in a world very much like our own, only with a very big difference. In this world, the sport of horsegirl racing is possibly the most popular on the planet. Through some sort of mystical means, famous racehorses are reborn in the bodies of young girls who go through special training to compete in competitive running.

Gameplay is as you'd expect. You collect the various horsegirls and pit them against others in competitions that measure them up via stats against other horsegirls, before viewing a virtual race. Uma Musume, which also boasts its own manga and anime series, has proven to be a major hit in its home country of Japan, raking in more than $2bn in worldwide sales.

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Yes, we know Uma Musume is a bizarre concept. But if by now you're not inured to strange and unusual ideas in mobile gaming, we don't know how to help you. Regardless, it seems like this idea, strange as it is, has been received warmly by players and an English release has been hotly anticipated by many.

We'll keep you updated with all the details as this release moves forward, so keep your eyes on the site in the meantime.

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