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UFO99 finally launches onto iOS after originally releasing onto Android earlier last year

UFO99 finally launches onto iOS after originally releasing onto Android earlier last year
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UFO99, a casual arcade experience, has hit the App Store a good bit after originally launching onto Android courtesy of Noice2D Game Studio. This game centres around a simple concept of dodging various obstacles on a 2D plane while also picking up items to smash things around the map, all in service of earning a currency used to purchase different in-game characters.

UFO99 is very much a simple, pick-up-and-play style of arcade experience, with a visually pleasing 2D art style to boot. The game is chock-full of cute characters to play, and also has a good bit of cooperative experience for a quick session with your buddies.

Gameplay-wise, all you’ll really do is take part in a variety of stages. These stages will have a wild and colourful palette, and you’ll have to navigate your way through as you dodge obstacles.

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Eventually, hammers will spawn - these will allow you to pick them up and get to work smashing various things around the stage, which will then, in turn, spawn coins. Your goal is simple from here: survive as long as you can without letting those obstacles hit you and smash as much as you can with the hammer pick-ups to get as many coins as possible.

Now, you might be asking, what can you do with these collected coins? That’s an equally simple answer, as they only serve one purpose. Those coins you collect in-game will allow you to roll on a gacha banner that will unlock new characters for you to play, which mostly are all animal inspired. From raccoons to peacocks and everything in between, there are over 60 to collect, so do your best to get them all!

Add in some co-op functionality with the ability to play with up to four other players at a time, and this is an excellent family-friendly or super casual and laid-back experience to try your hand at. If you’d like to do so, you can download it for free at either of the links below!

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