UFO99, the casual arcade shoot-em-up character collector, is set to launch its Halloween-themed event very soon

UFO99, the casual arcade shoot-em-up character collector, is set to launch its Halloween-themed event very soon
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The casual-friendly multiplayer shoot-em-up UFO99 has released details on its soon-to-launch Halloween-themed event! This event brings with it a new currency that special enemies will drop, which can be exchanged for the new event-specific characters, alongside a brand new spooky boss to defeat as well!

UFO99, for those that haven’t heard of it just yet, is an arcade-y bullet hell that you can play right alongside your friends! The entire game’s progression is built around the idea of collecting different characters, each with the pixel art style that the game rocks. It’s pretty simple in concept, but it wears that proudly and harkens back to old arcade games intent on devouring your quarters. Only this time, it’s free!

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As for the new Halloween event, there’s not a whole ton to go over, but let’s start with these new characters! While some of them were kept under wraps within the trailer featured above, there is a peek at a cat with a wizard hat and a ghostly form, a vampire-like creature, and a few others that all carry that fun and spooky vibe to celebrate the holiday.

Those new enemies mentioned earlier can spawn within any level, and you’ll have to dial in on them and defeat them to collect their eyeballs, which can then be used to exchange for some of those new characters.

The new boss, much like those special enemies, can spawn at any point within any stage as well. Upon defeating him - if you can manage it, that is - you’ll be able to collect Magic Candles, which will boost the drop rate of those eyeballs, allowing you to collect more characters! And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also unlock a brand new secret character upon defeating this boss too!

Check all these additions out when the Halloween Party event begins on October 20th by downloading UFO99 for free at either of the links below!

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