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Extinction Eclipse, a brand new real time strategy game inspired by legends of the genre, launches for iOS

Extinction Eclipse, a brand new real time strategy game inspired by legends of the genre, launches for iOS

Extinction Eclipse, a brand new real-time strategy game inspired by legends of yore such as Starcraft or Command and Conquer, has launched onto iOS! This spacefaring test of reflexes and strategic planning puts you in the shoes of a commander who must save Humanity from a new ice age, taking to the stars to defeat the cause of this disaster - an alien race of hexagons who intend to block out the sun entirely.

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Your job is, of course, to defeat those invaders as stated, but this involves more than just pointing and shooting. You’ll have to construct different structures to produce stronger units, who will then take to the frontlines for you to demolish your foes. But that makes it sound far simpler than it truly is.

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For those unfamiliar with the genre, what that really entails is keeping up an entire economy within the background. You’ll be sending mining probes to resource nodes to gather up what you need to construct said bases and units, but you’ll have to keep those moving at pretty much all times, meaning you’ll have to play a good bit of defence as well. It’s a tricky balance, but one that makes the genre so satisfying to perform well within.

The gameplay loop is essentially the same as other RTS games, though this one involves finding full planets to do your mining upon as opposed to just resource nodes. Otherwise, you have your usual suspects in terms of game modes, from Story Mode to Skirmish mode, which is where you can set up a match against AI to your liking to test your skills out.

If all of that sounds good to you, or if you’re a fan of the RTS genre, you can check out Extinction Eclipse for only $2.99 at the link below! Currently, there’s no word on an Android release, but hopefully, we’ll see one in the near future.

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