Join the alien side with UFO Predator on mobile

ET's phone home?

Join the alien side with UFO Predator on mobile
| UFO Predator

Nearly 30 years after the first Space Invaders showed the Universe's aggressive intent towards the – ahem – peace-loving people of Earth, we're still being shot at by extra-terrestrials on our movie screens and in our games.

Isn't it time to join them, given we can't seem to beat them?

New mobile game UFO Predator is the recruiting agent for such traitorous thoughts. You take on the role of an alien who took a wrong turn at Jupiter, and so decides to make our blue planet your home. By basically shooting it to pieces.

It's standard B-movie stuff, only from the opposite perspective. Cackle as you fly over the humans and devour them to increase the energy level of your UFO! Squeal with alien delight as you pick up trucks and other objects to drop on top of rescue teams, in the shape of aircraft and dinosaurs!

(No, we don't understand where the dinosaur medics fit in either.)

With environments you can smash up as you please and the claim that enemies will respond strategically to your attacks, it all sounds pretty persuasive. As ever we'd suggest you wait for our review to be sure. In the meantime, let's hope Will Smith doesn't patch his way in to spoil our fun.