Two Dots is celebrating its 10th anniversary with multiple in-game events

Earn special rewards during the event by logging in each day

Two Dots is celebrating its 10th anniversary with multiple in-game events
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  • Two Dots is celebrating its 10th-anniversary with in-game events
  • The Beloved Barcelona event adds a new scavenger hunt
  • Complete special levels in the Anniversary Treasure Hunt to earn a rare collectible

Two Dots is celebrating its 10th anniversary with multiple in-game events and updates. Zynga and Socialpoint are temporarily updating the app's icon, logo, and loading screen to reflect the event’s celebratory spirit. These limited-time design changes will be available until July 8th.

Two Dots is a simplistic puzzle title that features a calming soundtrack and colourful artwork. Your goal is to connect lines of dots though you'll also collect treasures and discover mini-games along the way.

Create squares of the same colour dots to erase them from the board. You can also partake in scavenger hunts and find hidden objects. There's plenty of content to keep you engaged, with five game modes to explore and more than 5,000 levels.

Main characters Uncle Jack and Emily standing ob either side of a gold trophy on the red carpet

The event also boasts an update to the Daily Login Calendar, offering special rewards during its duration. In addition, the new Scavenger Hunt Hub lets you access more scavenger hunts than ever before. You can also access the new Cosmic Blast booster, which can help you make quick work of even the most challenging puzzles.

Several 10th-anniversary events are currently taking place. The Beloved Barcelona event provides you with a new scavenger hunt to enjoy, which is inspired by the city. Starting Jun 15th, you can also partake in the Transformed Scavenger Hunts event in which fan-favorite maps will take on new forms and anniversary-themed items will be hidden throughout them.

Additionally, the Anniversary Treasure Hunt will run from Jun 13th-17th and will give you the chance to complete seven special levels and earn a rare collectible. There are also special offers for booster and gold bundles. Further, you can nab a special anniversary edition of Treasure Trunk’s chained offers. 

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Two Dots is available now on the App Store and Google Play. To learn more about this minimalist puzzler, follow Socialpoint on Facebook, X (Twitter), or YouTube.


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