App Army Assemble: Twisty Board - Is it just another one-tap high score chaser?

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App Army Assemble: Twisty Board - Is it just another one-tap high score chaser?
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You can put everything there is to know about Twisty Board in just one sentence. It's that simple.

Twisty Board is a high score chaser in which you, as a hoverboard rider, have to escape missiles and avoid obstacles across five different levels, unlocking characters, using power-ups, and collecting keys as you go.

See? It really is simple. But let's not dwell on that - let's instead focus on whether it's actually worth your time. Well, we'd say that it is. Kind of.

At review, we called it: "A solid enough arcade experience, but scrape away the extra freedom and it's just another arcade experience".

Then we asked the experts in the App Army what they thought, and they had the following to say.

Tezareen Tarquin Shaw

I found Twisty Board fun and tedious at exactly the same time. I wasn't expecting it to be quite as hard as it is, but that's half the fun.

Kainen Ryan

There's not really much here - the meat is in dodging the missiles while avoiding objects. I'm not sure that's enough to hold me for too long.

Saying that, when you pull off some great moves and manage to avoid and destroy some missiles by the skin of your teeth - that's a great feeling.

Aaron Burdett

I've never loved and hated a game quite this much. It's unforgiving, full of charming characters, and gives you that compulsion to have one more go.

It's simple but tricky, and once you've found your flow it gets really good. I wanted to throw my phone out the window, yet kept trying to beat my score. That can only mean they've done something right. Right?

Tom Clark

This game starts off pretty fun but gets frustrating too fast. the graphics are okay - similar to Crossy Road.

The surfer needs to start moving a bit slower then build up speed as you progress. It's a bit too stressful for my tastes but with some tweaks it could be a huge win.

Dcalbie Dcalbie

You can find enjoyment in Twisty Board but you have to earn it. Much like Flappy Bird and its myriad clones this is a twitchy score chaser that's brutal and unforgiving - but once it clicks it's so so rewarding.

Laura Egri

At first glance this is just another score chaser. But dig beneath the surface and you'll find so many catchy elements, from the great colors and quirky graphics to the smooth controls.

It's very challenging and requires a lot of attention. You can't just look at the scenery while playing. It's a very fun time waster.

Oksana Ryan

This is so much fun. You twist and turn to outrun the constant barrage of missiles while avoiding the many and varied obstacles in your path.

It's not an easy game, and you really need to concentrate, but even so you'll soon find yourself smiling. It's colourful, the music is punchy, and I definitely recommend it.

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