Twisted Circus platform racer comes to Android

Turn that clown upside down

Twisted Circus platform racer comes to Android
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Candy Box Studio has released Twisted Circus on Google Play.

The platform racer features two game modes, 45 levels, and ten playable characters alongside simple, one-button control making it a tempting game to pick up at its current freemium price and relatively svelte (22MB) profile.

Yet the most interesting feature of Twisted Circus is that it comes preloaded with a free two-player module allowing two players to race against one another.

Going off the rails

The two main modes of Twisted Circus are Gift Mode and Race Mode.

The former is a race-against-the-clock racing mode which challenges players to collect all the gifts in a level before the allotted time expires, while Race Mode is a more traditional module where the simple goal is to cross the finish line first.

Adding to the cartoonish charm of Twisted Circus are claymation-style 3D animations that add an air of whimsy to an already whimsical design.

Google Play: Twisted Circus

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