Twilight: The Mobile Game

Two films down, Twilight has become something of a surefire hit for Hollywood. Films based upon Stephenie Meyer's novels have managed to lure in Harry Potter's legion of followers, now post puberty and eager for their heroes to come with a six-pack and a days' worth of stubble.

Mr Goodliving's tie-in, therefore, makes a few assumptions in pitching this game at the film's fanbase - most notably that they'll have taken their fandom to such a degree that they'll have been stalking Robert Patterson for a number of months, able to fathom what he's had for tea that night based upon the contents of his rubbish bin.

But it's all for a worthy cause if Twilight's vampires are your vice. Rather than shoehorning Twilight into a platform style adventure, this title instead puts the film's followers to the test, setting them a quiz designed to separate those with only a passing interest from those who are patty over Patterson and co.

Indeed, Twilight: The Mobile Game doesn't restrict itself to mere movie musings, but rather poses questions that focus on the film's stars, as well as its story. Taking on the role of any of a whole score of the series' cast of characters, Twilight is essentially a quiz that gives you three lives.

Multiple choice questions are thrown at you until you mess three up. The faster you answer, the more points you pick up.

The questions themselves range from plot points to cast member trivia, each and every one offering up one or two plausible alternatives with the odd comedy answer thrown in for good measure. There are no set categories or orders, each question probing a different area from its predecessor and, in general, keeping you on your toes from beginning to end.

But, though there is an additional multiplayer mode added to bulk up the package (letting up to four players take turns answering the same questions to post the best score), Twilight: The Mobile Game is only really appealing to those who'll be the first in the queue at the cinema later this month.

Even then, it isn't likely to last much beyond the opening trailers.

Twilight: The Mobile Game

A simple quiz designed to test your fandom, Twilight: The Movie Game is really only worth considering if you're a hardened follower
Keith Andrew
Keith Andrew
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