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Turbo Shot is a colourful puzzle-slash-shooting adventure coming to mobile

Turbo Shot is a colourful puzzle-slash-shooting adventure coming to mobile

Turbo Shot, Wizard Games’ top-down shooting adventure, is coming to iOS and Android devices worldwide later this year having recently soft launched in Canada, Mexico and Brazil. The colourful puzzle adventure features exciting gun-based combat and exhilarating multiplayer modes, plus continuous content updates for hours and hours of fun.

The single-player mode for Turbo Shot lets players explore an intriguing narrative in levels filled with a wide variety of puzzles and enemies. Battles help you earn blue crystals for Turbo Chests, which, in turn, reward you with new characters, new guns, and new skins. The challenging AI foes won’t just be there for target practice - you’ll have to best them using your shooting skills to progress through the levels, and maybe even take down the nefarious Dr. Stinchcomb himself.

As for the PVP content, it’s a wild and wacky 10-player arena filled with booby traps and power-ups. It’s anybody’s game as you race to collect 100 crystals and emerge victorious. There will also be weekly challenges and battle passes you can sink your teeth into, as well as leaderboards where you can nab the top spot for the ultimate bragging rights.

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If you're eager to find out more ahead of its release then make sure to join Turbo Shot’s official Discord group. Turbo Shot is set to launch later this year on the App Store and Google Play Store and will be free-to-play with in-app purchases.