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Turbo Racing League

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Turbo Racing League

Turbo Racing League is an unashamedly bright racing game. Every aspect of the snail-based speedfest, from the track you race along to the rich red tomatoes you spend on upgrades, is painted in vibrant hues.

That vibrancy can be felt in the simple gameplay, too. This is a game that's all about accessibility, and, while it never quite opens up to reveal hidden depths, as fast-paced arcade blasts go it's pretty hard to fault.

You play as a snail who's taking part in a series of races at a Taco shop. There's a vague air of Micro Machines to proceedings, with the exception that you're racing through purpose-built courses rather than among everyday objects.

You control the steering and the powerslides of your snail and there's a number of different options available to you. The usual touch and tilt options are here, and you can even flip the button layouts if you prefer. All of the options work perfectly well, and it's nice to see a game that gives you so many choices from the start.

The game itself is split into bite-sized challenges. Some of these are as simple as completing a set number of laps within a given time, while others see you trying to beat a rival to the finish line.

Slalom courses are all about darting through as many glowing gates as possible, and limited fuel runs see you having to pick up extra cans of juice to fill up an ever-depleting gauge. You get to pull off tricks and slide down grind rails made from drinking straws, too.

Slime trails

Every race you complete gets you between one and three stars and when you've collected enough of these you can enter a championship to move on to the next set of more difficult challenges.

Much like the rest of Turbo Race League, the progression is cheerful and far from tough, but while you're never really challenged completing a championship to move onto the next rank does tend to fill you with a satisfied glow.

It all adds up to a racing game that's easy on the eye, simple to play, and, most importantly, an awful lot of fun.

Turbo Racing League

It might not be a racing game revolution, but Turbo Racing League offers a lot of fun in a cheery, always entertaining package
Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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