Enjoy a day at the beach on your mobile with Tropix

Mini game monkey business on a tropical island

Enjoy a day at the beach on your mobile with Tropix
| Tropix

Owning a tropical island is the ultimate super rich status symbol, but with Tropix, a new mobile game from publisher Robot Super Brain, you can pocket several of them for a tiny fraction of the price.

Although the digital islands in Tropix may not compare to having your own real-life sandy paradise, there's a lot more to do in them than laze about in the sun reading up on your share prices in the Financial Times.

Comprised of four mini games, a virtual pet element and regular bouts of exploration, Tropix comes across like a mix tape of casual gaming favourites. Rather than presenting itself as a mismatched everyman's compendium, however, it looks as though Tropix's varied collection of game types could add up to one fun ticket.

Travelling around with a Tamagotchi-style pet monkey (and who wouldn't want one of those?), you earn Sand Dollars in the mini games, which you then spend on items for your monkey such as toys and food. As you progress, different islands are unlocked, each offering a fresh set of challenges.

There are no prizes for guessing what the sandoku mini game involves, but some of the other mini game titles don't betray their content so obviously. We'll just have to wait and see what the tide brings in.

Tropix is being distributed by Seletra Games.