Crazy squirrel takes on Super Monkey Ball Mobile

Gameloft's Tropical Madness may send Sega a little nuts

Crazy squirrel takes on Super Monkey Ball Mobile
| Tropical Madness

If you're going to borrow a game concept, at least start with a couple of classics, and then add on as many bells and whistles as you can. This appears to be the plan with Gameloft's Tropical Madness.

At first glance, it's a straight combination of retro fave Marble Madness and modern classic Super Monkey Ball, with a side-order of Sonic The Hedgehog. Except instead of a monkey, you play a squirrel called Furrito (who with that name wants to keep clear of any Mexican restaurants).

The game is set across 12 levels (plus two bonus ones) spread between three environments: forest, beach and lost Aztec temple. Your job is to roll around the levels collecting stars while avoiding enemies, and trying not to fall off the sides into the ocean.

Enemies include crocodiles, snakes, bats and crabs, but you have a couple of attack special moves to see them off, and can also collect nuts to up your score.

Check the screenshots: Tropical Madness is looking set to be one of the most colourful and fun mobile games released this summer. Click 'Track It!' to be alerted by squirrel-mail when we review it.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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