Take back the streets '80s style with pixellated brawler Trigger City for iOS

Kickin' it old skool

Take back the streets '80s style with pixellated brawler Trigger City for iOS
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Video game violence was much cuter in the old days. You see, it's hard not to laugh when you see pudgy-headed sprites punching and kicking one another to death.

That sense of cartoon-brawling fun is something that the maker of Trigger City draws on heavily. So, yes, Slipshod Games has wrapped up its bursts of violence in cuddly pixellated art.

Set across 16 varied levels, Trigger City is all about returning justice to the streets of the titular metropolis via the time-honoured method of side-scrolling carnage.

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There are plenty of combos to learn and special moves to master, then, as you pummel your way through the city's five gangs on a bloody quest for 8-bit vengeance.

As well as brawling with thugs, you have to weave through traffic in some separate motorcycle sections. Oh, and feel free to visit a local shop where a Shady Dealer is only too happy to let you spend your punch-gotten gains.

Trigger City is available from the App Store right now for 69p / 99c. And as Slipshod is only too proud to shout about, it features no IAPs whatsoever.

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