Trials: Frontier is coming to iOS on April 10th and on Android at a later date

Give it some welly

 Trials: Frontier is coming to iOS on April 10th and on Android at a later date

Here, take this. It's a crash helmet. You'll need it on April 10th as that's when Trials: Frontier is coming to iOS.

This is the first time that the popular sidescrolling stunt bike series will appear on mobiles, so we're eager to see how well developer RedLynx has handled the port.

As we detailed in our hands-on preview with Trials: Frontier, this is a freemium title with plenty of optional IAPs - a first for the series.

Apart from that it's Trials as you know and love it. So expect steep hills, ramps, and plenty of big air action. Just make sure you don't topple your bike over with too much rev.

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Trials: Frontier is set in a post-apocalyptic wild-west setting. You'll ride across villages and the ruins of the past, unlocking more areas as you succeed in overcoming the testing tracks.

You'll unlock blueprints and parts to upgrade and customise your bikes, too. This is where some of the IAPs get involved, offering you attractive customisations at a fee.

If you grab Trials: Fusion, which is coming to consoles and PC, and connect it with Trials: Frontier, you'll unlock bonus gear.

Trials has always been a competitive game, and Frontier is no different, with online leaderboards so you can compete against friends for the best times.

I know you're probably feeling left out Android players, but rest assured as Ubisoft tells us that you'll be able to play Trials: Frontier shortly after its iOS launch.