Transformers: Earth Wars - top tips for defending your base

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Transformers: Earth Wars - top tips for defending your base

There's no point building a base in Transformers: Earth Wars if a rival player is just going to come in and smash it all down.

You need to make it bulletproof. Lock it down like Fort Knox. Use smart placement of defensive weapons and walls to protect your assets from invaders.

Let's talk about the best ways to keep rival players from coming in and nicking your loot.

Defending the crown Other

Get inspiration from other bases. Look at bases in the singleplayer campaign that give you lots of trouble, or assess the bases of rival players for good defenses, and then copy those. Use the screenshot function on your device to save a record of good bases you come across.

Think about how you'll defeat all the different types of bot. Can a gunner robot take out all your defences from a safe distance? Can an air robot wreck your mortar without any trouble? Make sure you have guns that can take on both air and ground troops.

Remember that enemy robots get extra power if they destroy stuff like your scanner, alloy and energon equipment, and builder huts. So it's important that these are as well defended as your headquarters, to avoid giving your opponent the upperhand.


Make sure you put your best bot on your Autobot or Decepticon outpost. This is a helpful line of defence from the enemy, and because it can keep a robot or two occupied while your guns and mortars do the real damage, make sure you pick a robot with high health.

Walls are cheap, plentiful, and provide a handy way of slowing down enemy robots. Use as many as you can buy - and when you upgrade your headquarters, you'll get two more walls.

Don't scrimp on stasis mines, either. These not only lock nuisance bots in place, but they can also help lead enemy robots (who are trying to avoid the mines) into a chokepoint. Where you blast them to bits.


Remember that baddies can only come in from the bottom of the map: the big runway-looking road thing at towards the south of your base is the only place that enemies can spawn. That means you don't need to put a wall around your whole base: just the bottom side.

Tap on defensive structures to see how far they can fire. This way you'll know if all the angles are covered, and if there are any weakspots.

You can buy a shield to protect your base from getting wrecked when you're away, and a shield is automatically equipped when you're attacked. Unlike some other Clash-style games, your shield doesn't go away when you attack other players so go nuts.

Other building tips Coins

Don't spend cybercoins - the game's premium currency - on speeding up production. I know, I know, you're busy and you want to get on with things. But those coins don't come cheap and can be used on much more useful stuff like premium crystals. Instead, set long-haul building projects to go overnight.

If you're planning to play the game often, then don't worry so much about upgrading your alloy and energon storage until later, as you'll be spending those resources long before they can accrue.

Upgrading and making stuff is always worthwhile. Not only will you have better and more gear, but you'll boost your player rank which lets you upgrade your headquarters. Which gives you new stuff to upgrade and make. Which… well, you get the idea.

Edit Mode

You can move your base around at any time, so don't worry too much about where you place resources when you buy them. Just tap and hold on a wall or a turret or whatever to enter edit mode.

Make life easier by putting your resource gatherers next to their storage bins, so you know exactly where to go when you want to upgrade your alloy production or your energon output.
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