Transformers: Earth Wars - your burning questions, answered

What's a robot?

Transformers: Earth Wars - your burning questions, answered

If you're playing Transformers: Earth Wars, you may have some questions about the finer details of the game.

So that's what we're here to answer. In this FAQ we'll try and explain some of the more complicated parts of Earth Wars.

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What's the difference between Autobot and Decepticon? Differences

Basically nothing. The bases look the same, the Transformers all have counterparts on the other team, the progression of the campaign is identical, and - believe it or not - by Optimus Prime and Megatron are basically exactly the same character.

So just pick your favourite.

How do I get more Alloy and Energon?

Your main source for these resources will by Alloy Harvesters and Energon Harvesters, but you can also get more of this stuff by attacking other players and stealing theirs.

You can also just buy more Alloy and Energon with cyber coins, and you'll get Energon when you get a duplicate Transformer from a crystal.

How do I increase my player rank? Player Rank

Your player rank in Transformers: Earth Wars is the number in the top left corner, when you're at your base. And increasing this number will allow you to unlock new headquarters.

To boost your player rank you need to construct or upgrade buildings. The game says that researching robots will also boost your rank but it didn't nudge the needle in our game.

What does Spark do, and how do I get more?

Spark is used to improve your Transformer's abilities in the research lab. It can be found inside crystals. You'll also get a bunch if you unlock a duplicate Transformer from a crystal.

My Transformer hit the level limit. Now what? Upgrade

If you've got your Transformer to level 10, it's not the end. Use the research lab to research your bot and, for a small fee, you can increase their level limit to 20.

You can do this every 10 levels to keep increasing your robot's power. The research lab also lets you boost the power of each robot's ability.

What do the different robot classes do?

Warrior class robots have loads of health. Air class bots have very low HP but can deal damage from a medium range and aren't affected by certain defences.

Gunner class robots also have low HP but can attack from long range. Medic class robots heal other bots, but are very weak and cannot attack.

What are ability points? Ability

Your Transformers can't use their special attacks and abilities without ability points. You'll get some for free when you start the battle but you have to destroy buildings to earn more.

Each special ability has a specific cost, so some will run you more points than others.

How can I take more bots into battle?

You'll want to upgrade your shuttle, which is sitting outside your base. You'll have to spend some currency, and can only increase the shuttle level when you hit new headquarter levels.

How do star ratings work? Star Ratings

Transformers can either be one star, two stars, three stars, or four stars. And, as you might have guessed, the more stars the better. You can't upgrade a bot from one star to two, as far as we can tell. You'll just have to unlock a better Transformer from a crystal.

Does attacking other players remove my shield?

Nope! Go nuts.

How do I get star shards? Star Shards

You'll get two-star shards when you increase in player rank. You'll get three-star shards if you unlock a duplicate Transformer. We haven't got any four-star shards yet.

I just bought some crystals. Where are they?

Find the space bridge, which is a building in your base. This is where you turn crystals into Transformers and other rewards.
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