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Traffic Wonder HD

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Traffic Wonder HD

Just as Firemint's sublime Flight Control put you in charge of landing planes at a busy airport, Traffic Wonder HD saddles you with equally important organisational task: controlling vehicles that already have their wheels planted firmly on the ground.

On each map you'll discover a criss-cross road network and a selection of coloured cars, trucks, and lorries, all with places to go and people to see. Your objective is to get these vehicles to their destinations using as little fuel and without colliding.

Rush hour

You can plan the routes using your finger, and when you're reasonably happy with the setup you tap the 'play' button to see whether your meticulous arrangement will result in saved petrol or rush-hour carnage.

Should the latter come to pass, you can edit your routes, making use of side roads and stop signs to ensure everyone gets to where they need to be with the minimum of fuss.

Conserving fuel becomes a real headache later in the game, as it ultimately serves as the yardstick by which you're judged: the more flammable liquid you have in the tank at the end of the stage, the higher your points haul.

Fuel my fire

Traffic Wonder HD may sound straightforward enough, but it's actually a brain-buster. When you take into account that some vehicles move faster than others and also consume more fuel, the game becomes a demanding exercise in precision planning and prediction.

To add even more pressure, your best score is uploaded to an online leaderboard and you're never more than one tap away from seeing how you stack up against other players.

Thanks to its engaging premise and fantastic presentation (play on a tablet to truly appreciate the HD visuals), Traffic Wonder HD is a dream ticket for fans of addictive puzzle titles. While it lacks the immediacy of Flight Control and requires a great deal of forward-thinking, it ultimately offers more rewarding gameplay.

Android version reviewed.

Traffic Wonder HD

A thinking man’s puzzler, Traffic Wonder HD is not a game to be taken lightly. However, put enough effort in and you will be rewarded with a gripping and satisfying brain-teaser