ToyTopia: Match-3 releases major Treasure Island update which will be regularly refreshed with new content

ToyTopia: Match-3 releases major Treasure Island update which will be regularly refreshed with new content

Webzen has just announced the release of a highly anticipated content update for its match-3 puzzler, ToyTopia: Match-3. It introduces a brand new map called Treasure Island, which is accompanied by limited-time rewards and upgrades to various levels and the in-game tutorial system.

In the Treasure Island event, players will be able to go on a seafaring adventure with their very own pirate captain, Captain Silver. Treasure Island is a massive area and has been subdivided into 15 smaller maps. At the end of it all, players will receive a large chunk of Gems from the treasure chest as well as a rare character summoning stone provided all maps are cleared.

When Webzen says that Treasure Island is a limited-time event they really mean it because time is of the essence. Players have access to the current list of rewards only until October 15th. Of course, that isn’t the end because more rewards will be released in another round. Treasure Island will be regularly updated with new maps and goodies.

All information about the upcoming maps and rewards that are part of Treasure Island can be found on ToyTopia’s official Facebook page. Meanwhile, the update has also improved gameplay with better tutorials and stages, daily login rewards, and a bunch of bug fixes.

If you're curious about the game, check out Andreea Ghiurca’s ToyTopia Match-3 hands-on – First impressions of this intriguing toy-themed puzzler! She goes into detail about the game’s puzzles, power-ups, and difficulty.

ToyTopia: Match-3 still hasn’t launched worldwide and is currently available only in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, the Philippines, Thailand, and a few other countries. Android users can download it on Google Play by clicking on the link below. An iOS version of the game is currently in the works and should be available soon.

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