This tower defence game looks like the best thing to happen to toys since Toy Story

Child's play

This tower defence game looks like the best thing to happen to toys since Toy Story
| Toy Rush

It's coming to the point where tower defence games no longer require a tower to make them successful.

The upcoming Toy Rush, by indie studio Uber Entertainment, flies in the face of this trend and encourages, nay, requires players to not only defend a tower, but to build one.

Thankfully, the building portion of the task is quite simple since you're playing with toys. Once your clubhouse (tower) is built, you'll be put in charge of defending it from an onslaught of toy robots, evil plushies, and other adorable enemies.

Toying with greatness

As the toy army marches on your clubhouse, you'll have all manner of madcap defences to deploy like rubber band shooters, ray guns, and gumball launchers.

After you've secured your clubhouse, you can also go on the offensive and launch attacks on rival bases in a quest to collect valuable attack cards.

It all looks like great fun and a good implementation of tower defence gameplay but, unfortunately, we don't have a firm release date for Toy Rush just yet.

We know that it's due out for Android and iOS soon and will be playable at PAX at the end of August, so it shouldn't be too much of a wait before this one makes its way to the App Store and Google Play.

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