[Update] Toy Rush is a tower defence game with card collecting elements that's heading for iPhone iPad on May 15th

Figures of fun [Updated: It's out right now]

[Update] Toy Rush is a tower defence game with card collecting elements that's heading for iPhone iPad on May 15th
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Update on May 16th at 14:30: If it wasn't obvious, May 15th was yesterday - meaning that Toy Rush hit the global App Stores yesterday.

You can download Toy Rush for free and get access to its 50+ level campaign of toy-based tower defence and offence. Get on it.

Original story follows...

I bet pretty much every child has come up with the concept of the tower defence genre independently, setting up daunting gauntlet runs for our action figures and dolls to tackle.

If only we'd known how to make a patent application, eh?

That's why the whole 'toy tower defence' premise of Toy Rush makes such perfect sense, and why I can't believe no one thought of it before.

Now Uber Entertainment has confirmed via Twitter that its game will be launching on iPhone and iPad on May 15th

As the developer explains in a preview video (see below), Toy Rush is "a tower defence and offence game with a collectible card twist."

As well as defending your base and attacking the opponent's, the coolest part appears to be that you can design and build your own defensive towers using a combination of rubber band launchers, gum ball blasters, bottle rockets, and other makeshift components.

Meanwhile you can lay down jacks and sticky gum to slow down your opponent's advances.

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As already hinted at, there's some kind of Top Trumps-like card system at play here too. In addition to summoning super toys, it looks like special cards can be used to speed up, heal, and boost your toys' abilities.

It looks like this whole card system could feed into a typical dual-currency freemium ecosystem, but of course that needn't be a problem provided it's well balanced and doesn't detract from a solid strategic core - particularly in multiplayer mode.

That's right, Toy Rush is set to offer online multiplayer as well as the usual single player campaign mode. As well as knocking the literal stuffing out of your friends' toys, you'll be able to chat and trade with them.

All in all, Toy Rush is definitely one to watch if you're looking for the next bright thing in tower defense.

While Toy Rush launches for iPhone and iPad on May 15th, an Android version will be along "soon."

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