Your iOS or Android Game of the Week - Towelfight 2: The Monocle of Destiny

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Your iOS or Android Game of the Week - Towelfight 2: The Monocle of Destiny

One of our jobs here at Pocket Gamer is to sieve through the hundreds of apps that hit the App Store and Google Play every single day, and unearth those glittering gems.

Lately, though, we've been giving you the chance to have YOUR say, too. Basically, we've been giving you the opportunity to tell us your favourite game from a shortlist of the week's best releases.

This week's votes have been counted (and recounted), and we have a winner: Towelfight 2: The Monocle of Destiny.

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Towelfight 2: The Monocle of Destiny is the sort-of sequel to a barmy Flash game created during a 48-hour game jam.

Developed for iOS and Android by the delightfully named Butterscotch Shenanigans, the game features an unusual mixture of roguelike and twin-stick shooter mechanics.

This framework ably supports Towelfight 2's decidedly psychedelic concept. There's a holy war afoot, you see, and only one man can stop it: a well-dressed fellow called Hardik.

Hardik has only one means of attack: an enchanted monocle out of which you can fire crazed mutant animals. With this aggressive eyewear on, you can summon forth bees which fire lasers, fire-breathing dragons, and around 40 other mutant beasties.

Gods at war

Over Towelfight 2's five environments, you will learn to control and augment your animal arsenal, and use them to defeat ten god-like bosses.

Whether it's down to the game's crazy setup, 'living' ammunition, or anarchic gameplay, Towelfight 2 has managed to capture the imagination of both the iOS and Android crowds.

If you want to join in the fun, you can find Towelfight 2: The Monocle of Destiny on the App Store [buy] or Google Play [buy] priced £1.99 / $2.99.

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