Touchgrind Scooter: Three things to know about the two-wheeler game

Touchgrind Scooter: Three things to know about the two-wheeler game

Getting tricky with scooters

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Touchgrind Scooter is one of the many extreme sports games on mobile. It's unique in that it's a scooter-based game which is typically rare to come by in that particular genre. Also, the controls are different from your typical extreme sports game, and we'll get into that in a bit. 

You can play through numerous locations and go for a high score. Each location has tracks you race through while performing the tricks. Once you reach the finish line, your highest score will be recorded. You can level up based on your performance(s). 

There are three main locations you can play in. The first one, Park, is obviously already unlocked for your riding enjoyment, but then there are two others that you can unlock after you level up a few times. There are more but they cost money. Aside from this, we'll tell you about a few others things you should know about the game. 

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Pure Control

Touchgrind Scooter

In order to play and succeed in Touchgrind Scooter, you need to use the controls to the best of your abilities. It requires you to use your fingers and put them to the test. It's not as simple as just pressing a combination of buttons to pull off tricks.

You need to use your fingers to control your scooter. This can be tricky to master at first, but you'll likely enjoy the freedom in creativity that you'll have. It allows you to string together some pretty impressive combos during your runs. They can get pretty wild similar to the Tony Hawk games which is fun.

There's also Freestyle mode which is about going for the highest score you can. You can use this as a nice practice area while you get comfortable with the control system. Once you understand how things operate, you'll find that the game becomes pretty addictive.

Different Paths You Can Take

Each track that you ride through in Touchgrind Scooter is interesting. Not only does each one have some great designs, but they also present multiple paths to choose from. These are broken down by letters with an A path, a B choice, and a C option too.

Each path provides its own sets of ramps, grinds, and other features. Whichever direction you choose, your score will be shown for that path. So essentially, you will have the chance to score on three separate occasions between the three paths. Each score will combine with your total score on the level.

This is a cool and clever way to build up your score. Try out the different paths and see how you do. It also helps keep the experience fresh on each level. Performing well on all three paths can really give your score a nice boost and shoot you up the ranks. A cool thing is that you can sort leaderboards by local, country, or global and see how your score fares with others.

Rich Customization

Touchgrind Scooter is one of those rare games that combines simplicity with some depth. We mentioned that you have a few locations to ride on, each with its own paths as well as a few other areas you can purchase as DLC. The scooters themselves also provide some depth when it comes to customization.

You would need to unlock most things, but you can change the colours on your scooter and the options are quite deep. As you play, you will earn crates that will unlock you some accessories and even a new scooter at certain times.

Some of the accessories are pretty funny too. Just as an example, you can unlock a cheeseburger or a Jack in the Box which will sit on your scooter as if they are the ones riding it. This adds to the humour of the game and makes you anxious to try and earn that next accessory to swag out your ride.

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