Touchgrind Scooter crosses one million downloads on the iOS App Store

A million downloads in a month? That's crazy!

Touchgrind Scooter crosses one million downloads on the iOS App Store
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Touchgrind Scooter, Illusion Labs’ fifth instalment in their Touchgrind series, has crossed over one million downloads on the iOS App Store. It has been just a month since the launch of this game on iOS and it has already crossed a million downloads. 

Touchgrind Scooter is a finger workout that allows you to perform awesome tricks and the most epic stunts and jumps just with your fingertips. Earn points through your stunts and compete with players worldwide.
The Touchgrind series has been around for quite a while, allowing you to do crazy stunts on BMX bikes, skateboards and now on a scooter too.

Touchgrind Scooter is touted as the most advanced and stunning Touchgrind yet. Grind escalators, scale high ramps and ledges and make powerful jumps, all trying to reach the highest score possible.

Touchgrind Scooter is inspired by its predecessors but also builds upon them, creating the perfect high-adrenaline stunt racing experience yet. Here are some of the features that the game offers:

  • Same controls that Touchgrind BMX 2 had. The revolutionary “two finger controls.”
  • Customizable scooters
  • Realistic 3D graphics
  • A game like this definitely needs amazing music which you get thanks to their awesome original soundtrack
  • There are various modes you can indulge in. To specifically do tricks, you have the Tricky mode, and also the freestyle and versus modes
  • Multiple challenges and trophies for all the different locations
  • And you can sync your progress and items over multiple devices thanks to the Gmail and Apple connectivity

There are just a few of the features available in Touchgrind Scooter and there’s so much more. This game has also introduced the GPS leaderboard which will let players compete with their friends or other players in the city they live, or their state or country. The competition is real!

Download Touchgrind Scooter right now for free on the iOS App Store. An android release is expected sometime in the near future.

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Tanish Botadkar
Tanish Botadkar
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