Touchgrind HD on iPad adds two player finger fun

But it comes at twice the price

Touchgrind HD on iPad adds two player finger fun
| Touchgrind HD

Illusion Labs has today announced Touchgrind HD for the iPad, but we’re not sure how much it really adds to the experience.

Granted, the larger iPad screen affords a wider view of the skateparks, but according the press release the game is "based on the skateboarding smash hit Touchgrind for the iPhone".

This sounds like PR speak for same game, different format.

To be fair though, the inclusion of a two player mode is very tempting, and could work brilliantly.

But players who have already purchased Touchgrind on iPhone for £2.99 ($4.99) may find it a bit of a grind to lay out an additional £4.99 ($7.99) for what is essentially the same game.

Ben Maxwell
Ben Maxwell
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