New shapeshifting sprinter Totem Runner lets you turn into a dragon

Also a wild boar and an eagle

New shapeshifting sprinter Totem Runner lets you turn into a dragon
| Totem Runner

Chillingo's new shapeshifting iOS title Totem Runner is all set to charge onto the App Store at midnight tonight.

We've seen a number of silhouetted side-scrollers on iOS recently, with the likes of Oscura, LAD, and the upcoming Badlands all embracing the shadowy aesthetic.

In actual fact, though, Totem Runner's tribal protagonist and forest environments seem to have most in common with Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network platformer Outland.

However, this handsome auto-runner does have a unique twist: your character can transform into a variety of different animals.

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Depending on whether you need to charge through obstacles, jump, or fly, your warrior can adopt the form of, among others, a wild boar, an eagle, and even a dragon (if the mood takes you).

One thing's for sure: it's a damn fine-looking game. We'll find out whether the gameplay stands up to the visuals tomorrow.

You can buy Totem Run for iPhone and iPad from midnight tonight for 69p / 99c.

James Gilmour
James Gilmour
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