Sumptuous side-scroller Badland makes a good first impression

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Sumptuous side-scroller Badland makes a good first impression
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Frogmind has just given us our first glimpse of its upcoming iOS physics-based side-scroller Badland.

With Badland adopting the same silhouetted visual style recently made popular by console and PC platformer Limbo (and emulated by the likes of Oscura and LAD), Frogmind's side-scrolling game definitely impresses in the looks department.

Rather than restrict themselves to a palette of greys and blacks in Badland, though, the game's designers have employed autumnal golds, reds, and oranges to depict a mysterious forest glowing in the magic hour.

Created by ex-RedLynx duo Johannes Vuorinen and Juhana Myllys (both of whom contributed to Trials Evolution and MotoHeroz), Badland puts you in control of an unspecified winged creature, and charges you with guiding it through a series of obstacles.

The trailer (below) reveals some interesting gameplay mechanics beyond the standard physics puzzles, including power-ups which cause your flying beastie to grow in size and even duplicate itself.

These details are just the tip of the iceberg, however, with Frogmind assuring us that there are two big Badland features yet to be announced. We can't wait.

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