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Total Football: 4 Reasons to play this realistic football sim

Total Football: 4 Reasons to play this realistic football sim
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It's football fever once again with the FIFA World Cup in full swing - and just in case you can't be in the middle of all the action on the actual field, GALA SPORTS' Total Football can still thrust you into the thick of it from the comfort of your own home.

The arcade-style football title lets you control your very own team as you go head-to-head against players across the globe - and if that's not reason enough to get into the game, we've got a few more to whet your appetite for the sport.

Only you can call the shots

As players build their team and strategise the best formation and pre-game tactics before the match, they can think before they act and rise up the ranks from the local league up to the top. Players can expect realistic football vibes with every match.

While other football games might be able to offer a similar experience, what makes Total Football unique is its friendly in-game layout that appeals to greenhorns and veterans alike. The game also features a training process that will help newbie players get their feet wet during PvE and PvP modes.

Officially licensed for a truly genuine experience

To keep each player's gameplay experience as authentic as possible, Total Football boasts FIFPro and Manchester City licenses to complement the top-notch visuals and add to the overall authenticity of the game.

These top sports properties help maintain a realistic experience for players, especially with the title's powerful game engine performance optimised for mobile devices. Everything from rendering to body motion has been fine-tuned to honour the fans' passion for the sport.

Legit realism in all aspects

Speaking of legitimacy, the game features high-quality simulation down to the football players' muscles and jerseys. From bones to fat, details have been meticulously crafted as the football players' body shapes and movements are translated onto smartphone screens.

Of course, the electrifying energy of the crowd is always part of the overall atmosphere, and the game also boasts the ability to showcase up to 100,000 dynamic audiences on the same screen using HDR (High Dynamic Range Liner Space), PBR (Physically Based Rendering Shading), Analytical Volumetric Lighting, HDR Voxel Lighting Cache and more.

These innovations stem from the new Arena 4D technology, a high quality 4D capture and analysis system for sports. This system uses 12 synchronised 4K cameras to capture the game from multiple angles, and then combines this with neural network technology to algorithmically calculate each player’s exact position and pose. This system includes character models of most soccer players in the world, recognizes detailed team attack and defence patterns, allowing for the most accurate reflection of the beautiful game.

Exciting game modes and more

Apart from the classic matches football fans know and love, players can also look forward to new competitions regularly, as well as real-time PvP and the Challenge Cup. The studio is currently prepping for more daily and weekly events, especially seasonal ones as the holidays are fast approaching.

The game offers the choice of two control systems: a simple three-button as well to make things easy for fans to defend or score goals, or alternatively a four-button system to offer experienced players an even greater level of control. Plus, the Agent and Scouting features can help unlock real-life active players, as well as icons such as Ronaldinho, and more.

Total Football will soon be available in more territories across the globe as well, but for now, if you'd like to get your hands on the game, you can head on over to the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store to give it a go.

About Gala Sports

Gala Sports was founded in 2013 by a team of sports and technology enthusiasts who wanted to bring the best gaming experiences to sports fans worldwide. Since then, Gala Sports has obtained market success with titles like Football Master, Football Master 2, and NBA Basketball Master. During this time, Gala Sports has been partnering with the biggest sports properties in the industry, including FIFPro, NBA, NBPA, and top European football clubs like FC Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Manchester City, and Juventus.

Gala Sports has also broken technical barriers by building ground-breaking athletic motion engines, strategy AI engines, a large-scale sports rendering facility, a photo-realistic player modeling system, and much more.