[Update] See what it was like before Siri - ngmoco:)'s classic Topple 2 is coming back to the App Store

Straight out of 2009 (Updated: Out now)

[Update] See what it was like before Siri - ngmoco:)'s classic Topple 2 is coming back to the App Store
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Updated on May 7th, at 8:00: Topple 2 is now back on the App Store, as 'Topple2 with Mobage'. It uses the social network to power the game's leaderboards and sync your save data between multiple devices.

With the frantic pace of mobile gaming being what it is, a game from 18 months ago can feel dated - so what about a game from 2009?

A new batch of mobile gamers will be able to answer that question, when ngmoco:)'s classic Pocket Gamer Bronze Award-winner Topple 2 returns to the App Store.

As to how it's making its return, 148apps confirmed its re-release with no less a source than Barry Dorf, the Senior Director of Third Party for DeNA (formerly ngmoco).

Topple 2 is at its heart a building block game that recalls the idle diversion of precariously stacking objects to reach a pre-arranged goal height.

We can rebuild it

Better still, Dorf hints at the possibility that more DeNA games may be updated for newer iPhones and the iPad but suggested that it's not a certainty, "We're going to wait and see how Topple 2 does before we consider reviving more titles. We encourage everyone to download Topple 2 and give us a reason to revisit bringing back other games."

In other words, if you want to see a revival of the Platinum Award-winning Rolando, you better show Topple 2 some love.

Unfortunately, we don't know when exactly to expect Topple 2 to arrive on the App Store but we'll keep you updated as soon as we know more.

Matthew Diener
Matthew Diener
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