Top 10 best games to play on Ion Audio's range of iCade peripherals

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Top 10 best games to play on Ion Audio's range of iCade peripherals
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Sadly, my iCade has been sat in the corner of my room gathering dust for the past few months.

In fact, I don't think I've used it more than a handful of times since I penned my last top 10 games to play on the iCade article for Pocket Gamer.

I checked the App Store yesterday, though, and there are now some truly great games available for Ion Audio's Bronze Award-winning tablet peripheral.

Here are ten of my favourites.

League of Evil 2
By Ravenous Games - buy for iPhone and iPad

Ravenous Games make excellent platform titles. League of Evil, Infestor, and a few of the studio's other games have nabbed shiny Pocket Gamer Awards at review. See: told you.

Anyway, this Silver Award-winning platformer boasts more than 100 bite-sized levels, which all contain a multitude of hazards and enemies.

Your aim is to to traverse these stages as fast as you possibly can, while punching baddies in the face.

Super Crossfire HD

By Radiangames - buy for iPhone and iPad

Super Crossfire HD is a fast-paced top-down shooter that features colourful psychedelic visuals and a pretty nifty gameplay element.

You see, if you're feeling a little under pressure from enemy fire, you can instantly transport your weapon-packed ship from one side of your device's screen to the other at the click of a button.

Pac-Man for iPad
By Namco - buy for iPhone or buy for iPad

Pac-Man is a classic arcade game.

The iCade is a classic-style arcade cabinet.

Boom. The two are perfect for each other.

You know the drill. Pac-Man is all about gobbling up pellets and avoiding four ghost-like enemies called Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde.

Paper Monsters
By Robots vs Wizards - buy for iPhone and iPad

Paper Monsters is set across six gorgeous hand-crafted worlds that are made entirely of paper, cardboard, cotton balls, and maybe a few spare buttons.

This platformer's best feature, however, is its AirPlay support. This means you can play Paper Monsters on that massive telly that's sitting in your living room.

Providing you own an Apple TV, that is.

Super Crate Box
By Halfbot - buy for iPhone and iPad

In Super Crate Box, you guide the on-screen protagonist around a variety of single-screen arenas that are filled with collectible weapons crates and an endless stream of enemies.

The action in this title is extremely fast paced, and its touchscreen controls - while reliable - don't completely cut the mustard.

Physical buttons win out this time.

Activision Anthology
By Activision - download free for iPhone and iPad

Activision Anthology is a compilation app starring Activision's entire catalogue of Atari 2600 titles, complete with their original cartridge and box art.

Download this gratis app, and you'll receive Kaboom completely free of charge.

You can then purchase the likes of Pitfall and River Raid, as well as 43 other classic titles in packs, through in-app purchases. Sound fair?

Gunman Clive
By Bertil Hörberg - buy for iPhone and iPad

A group of thieving bandits have kidnapped Mayor Johnson's daughter and are wreaking havoc across the Wild West.

You, then, have to grab your best poncho, remember your favourite Clint Eastwood-inspired one-liners, and end their criminal campaign.

You should probably grab a gun, too. Thinking about it.

Cavorite 2
By Cascadia Games - buy for iPhone and iPad

You are Dr Cavor. You lack the sufficient fuel to power your rocket and make it back home. Thankfully, you're rocking a pretty nifty anti-gravity gun.

Use this gun to successfully traverse around 63 puzzle-packed lunar levels and find the valuable moonstones that will power your intergalactic ride.


By Nyarlu Labs - buy for iPhone and iPad

Look at those graphics. Gorgeous, aren't they?

Gameplay-wise, this title invites you to run around the procedurally generated corridors of a neon dungeon, collecting flowers and nabbing keys to unlock doors along the way.

Ditch the iCade, and you can play this title with a friend on a single device.

Mikey Shorts

By BeaverTap Games - buy for iPhone and iPad

Mikey Shorts has replay value coming out of its ears. No, seriously.

For starters, each of this game's 84 levels is filled with collectible gold coins, hidden golden shorts, and unlockable costumes.

Then, there are achievements to unlock, bosses to beat, and times to smash, too.