Tony Hawk 2 rides, grinds and ollies onto iPhone in US

Gnarly, sick, radical, tubular etc

Tony Hawk 2 rides, grinds and ollies onto iPhone in US

The classic PlayStation shredder Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 has made its merry way onto iPhone after being teased last month via Twitter by the eponymous Mr Hawk himself.

In this retro skating favourite, you play as Tony Hawk or 12 other skateboarding pros as you try and beat goals in two minute bursts. You're tasked with collecting the letters S.K.A.T.E, racking up high scores, finding hidden areas and clearing certain gaps.

The game features everything we remember about Pro Skater 2, including the 13 environments, the massive roster of tricks and pro signature moves, and virtual cash to purchase moves and alternative boards.

The iPhone port uses a virtual D-pad and buttons, but you can try an iPhone specific accelerometer mode if you think you're gnarly enough.

We have our doubts about whether you can pull off some of Tony's more tricky moves with virtual controls. But if you know your Hawk genealogy, you'll know that Pro Skater 2 came before all that revert, spine transfer, get off your board, do a backflip nonsense, so at least the move set will be relatively restrained.

If you're outside the US you'll have to wait a wee bit longer because its not reached European shores just yet. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 is currently available in America for $9.99.