European Google Play Indie Showcase 2019: Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

European Google Play Indie Showcase 2019: Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery
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| Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

Late last month Google held their annual European Google Play Indie Games Showcase at the Saatchi Gallery in London. Twenty European developers were brought along to showcase their games to industry veterans, members of the curious public, and the press. We went along to check out the entrants and will be giving an introduction to each of them over the next week.

Among the twenty games showcased was Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery from Kiary. A puzzle game which revolves around rotating dioramas.

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Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery is a puzzle game all about shifting perspectives to find clues and solve elaborate puzzles within cut-away dioramas. Each scene is a cleverly made environment which you can view from four different corners of the cutaway. As you find keys, solve number puzzles and crack clues, you unlock new passageways and paths which open up new scenes which in turn expand the story.

Despite the camera/viewpoint placing you a good few meters away from each of the rooms, it all feels very extremely atmospheric and a lot of the empty space around the focal points quickly slip away from your mind. If you combine this with the room-sized puzzles which shift from you knocking loose objects to flicking switchs to solving math problems, it becomes very easy to lose yourself within the TIny Room Stories' world.

Each of the scenes are strung together through a thriller style mystery. The entire population of the city have gone missing, most notably though, that includes your father. You'll bounce from location to location in your mission to find out the reason behind the disappearances, and that'll take you from homestead through to ancient catacombs.

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery is available now on Google Play

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