Tiki-Rola mobile game targets rolling stones fans

Not the band - actual rolling stones...

Tiki-Rola mobile game targets rolling stones fans
| Tiki-Rola

One of the companies we met at Mobile Games Forum last week was UK developer Teazel, who slipped us a preview copy of its new game, Tiki-Rola.

It's a puzzler where you have to help the stone god Tiki back to his rightful place on an island. How? By rolling him around, avoiding the cliff edges, and going through bridges, quicksand and teleports.

The game has more than 80 levels, ranging from easy introductory examples, to ninja-hard challenges where you have 100+ moves to get Tiki to his goal. There's also secret levels and trophy rewards to unlock along the way.

We've had a play on Tiki-Rola, and it looks like it could be a real time-sapper, with bold, colourful graphics giving it a polished feel. Teazel says the game will be finished in a matter of weeks, and the company is currently looking for distribution deals.

Click 'Track It!' for an update on its eventual release, and our forthcoming review.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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