This Is the Police 2 is heading to iOS and Android devices soon

An intriguing case

This Is the Police 2 is heading to iOS and Android devices soon

This Is The Police 2 is making it's way to mobile devices very soon. It's prequel, This is The Police, was also released on phones and was well-received for its story and soundtrack.

You play as sheriff Lilly Reed and will face different challenges as she runs the Police department in the snowy border town of Sharpwood. Being a small town in the middle of nowhere it's become a haven for smugglers and other shady individuals. It's her job to try and keep order.

It's a game that doesn't like to confine itself to one genre. You'll have to manage your staff, all of whom have their strengths and weaknesses, and try to balance these out to get the best out of your team. You'll also get to interrogate suspects as well as gathering evidence to find out who committed these crimes. 

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Talking things through won't always be an option though. In these scenarios, you will embark on turn-based combat missions, yet another genre to contend with. This will involve taking your best police officers to the crime scene to take out the criminals non-lethally or lethally. To add a heightened sense of danger your officers will die from a single shot making caution a necessity.

Messing up any of the above will have notable consequences on the story. Whether that's losing cops on missions or accusing the wrong person of a crime. How in-depth this plays out in the game itself will be interesting to discover.

If this genre-hopping adventure sounds like a case you want to investigate then you can pre-register on the App Store and Google Play now. This Is the Police 2 will cost £6.99. No release date was officially given, but the App Store listing says it's expected on 12th September.

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