This is the Police 2 fires its way on the Switch next month

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This is the Police 2 fires its way on the Switch next month

After launching on PC last week, THQ Nordic have now announced that This is The Police 2 will be coming to the Switch on September 25th.

The adventure management game builds upon the story of the first game as you play as the chief of police in a corrupt precinct. You organise your officers, send them out on duty and make tough decisions on whether to play it straight or do back ally deals with the mob.

The gameplay has also received some interesting changes. You'll still be able to pick and choose which officers you want to send on what mission, but now you can also you take direct control of them in tactical turn-based strategy combat, not so dissimilar to X-Com.

The first game was not flawless, but it had an interesting, albeit grim, noir story with really challenging choices you had to make. Based on the trailer, This is the Police 2 looks like it'll be just as dark and tough.

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Although the game's tone will be similar, it's nice to see a sequel introducing whole new mechanics and gameplay rather than just doing more of the original - hopefully it'll pay off.

You'll be able to kick doors in and arrest punks in This is the Police 2 when it's released on Switch this September 25th.

Kieran Robertson
Kieran Robertson
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