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Thetan Arena - Solo battle royale tips and tricks

Thetan Arena - Solo battle royale tips and tricks
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If you don’t have a four-person squad, then solo battle royale is the best mode to climb the ranks in Thetan Arena. It isn’t easy to rank up in Thetan Arena as you gain and lose trophies in equal amounts when you win or lose a match. So, if you win half the time, you will end up in the same spot forever.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Use these Thetan Arena Solo battle royale tips and tricks to gain an edge over your opponents and climb the ranks.

TIP #1 - Destroy gift boxes in the early game

As soon as the match begins, head straight to the gift boxes and destroy them. They give power-up items that will increase your HP and unlock and upgrade your skills. Collecting power-ups in the early game will make you more powerful than your opponents, so you can easily win 1v1 fights.

Thetan Arena shotting a present box

TIP #2 - Camping is a must

If you are looking to climb the ranks, then you must play defensive. Collect some power-ups and then hide in a bush and wait for a target to kill. If you keep roaming around, someone else hiding in the bush will use a combo of skills and destroy you.

TIP #3 - Avoid fights

If you die early, you will lose trophies, but if you don’t win but stay amongst the top ranks in the match, you will gain some trophies. So when playing for trophies, the primary objective should be to stay in the game longer, and the best way to do that is to avoid fights as much as you can. Only take fights when it’s absolutely necessary.

Using an ability in Thetan Arena

TIP #4 - Choose a good solo hero

In battle royale, you will obviously be on your own, so make sure to choose a hero that performs well solo, such as Raidon or Breaker. If you choose heroes like Destoroid or Bathos you will have a hard time as they perform well in team games and are not good solo heroes.