Fantasy strategy game The Third Age gets a new update adding new hero and PvP changes

Fantasy strategy game The Third Age gets a new update adding new hero and PvP changes
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R2Games has updated its fantasy mobile game The Third Age with a new update that introduces a new hero and some changes to the player versus player (PvP) portion of the game.

The patch is officially called Version 7.2.4, introducing a new hero by the name of Valkyrie to the game. She’s a spear-wielding warrior with a Norse-inspired background who specialises in agile combat. It’s important to ensure she works well with the rest of your team’s strengths.

Meanwhile, the latest update for The Third Age also introduces some changes to the PvP portion of the game. There’s a new cross-server game mode where you take part in ranked battles to climb a ladder and reap big prizes.

The Ladder competition is divided into several ranks: Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze ranks, with Diamond being where only the best of the best go with some masterful prize drops.

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You can achieve each rank by accumulating points, with wins granting you five points and losses removing three, making the fight to climb the ladder quite intense as you move up and down it depending on your performance.

R2Games is also implementing a rewards system where a Challenger can earn special awards if they instigate a battle, with high rewards being doled out if they win but their opponent also receiving that dosh if the challenger loses. This makes it a high stakes game depending on the experience levels of both parties.

Finally, The Third Age is offering a special gift to players who are returning to the game with the 7.2.4 update, granting a bunch of rewards as a welcome back gift. The gift codes can be found below, and here’s a guide on how to redeem them.

PC: 71DADC41161D4DFF84E27914122342A8
Mobile: F2AAA3E8A72D494EA89B7A54352BE02B

You can download The Third Age now on Google Play, where it is a free to play title with in-app purchases.

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