The Tapping Dead 2 dev wants YOU to decide whether iOS or Android is the best mobile OS

Not BB10?

The Tapping Dead 2 dev wants YOU to decide whether iOS or Android is the best mobile OS
| The Tapping Dead 2

As Elton John once (surely) wrote in an abandoned first draft of a song, "Monday mornings are alright for making mobile OS fans face off against one another to add extra spice to your Kickstarter campaign."

Which, coincidentally enough, is just the plan Crazy Cricket has put into action to try and drum up some interest and cash for its upcoming auto-running sequel The Tapping Dead 2.

At the $20 Kickstarter reward tier, you can choose to pledge your support to either iOS or Android. If more people end up backing Apple's mobile operating system, for instance, the game will appear on iOS first.

You'll also get your name on the mini-credits game, a link to the soundtrack, and a warm sense of smug satisfaction about getting one over on those scumbags on the other side. You know who I'm talking about, right?

The game itself is a one-touch platformer in which you attempt to hold back the advances of your character with a prod on the screen.

There are three different gameplay modes to bash through in The Tapping Dead 2. There's also a level editor for building your own puzzling single-poke adventures.

This time around, by the way, you can manipulate the level as well as stop your character. The paths your character follows can change, too.

Everything is presented in nice chunky pixels, while the story itself revolves around escaping humans in a doomed world.

If any of that sounds like it might engage you on some level, or you just want to show the jerks who use that other OS that you're far superior, you can check out the Kickstarter campaign for The Tapping Dead 2 right here.