Exclusive: The Sims 3 iPhone trailer debuts

Let there be Sims

Exclusive: The Sims 3 iPhone trailer debuts

June's going to be a big month that gets off to a red hot start. Apple will be up on stage talking up the future of the iPhone, and maybe revealing a new model, while Palm gets ready to launch the highly anticipated Pre. Even Microsoft is expected to open its PR gob about the Zune putting on its boots to kick the iPod touch into... touch.

And among all this hot hardware news will be the release of The Sims 3 - easily the iPhone's hottest title of the month. So we've got together with EA to bring you the internet debut of the iPhone Sims 3 trailer, and quite exciting it is.

There's something of a Matrix theme running through the trailer, which hints at the game's open world approach to creating a unique Sim, fiddling with their personality and setting them loose on the virtual world to see how they fit in (or, as is likely to be the case, don't fit in).

Previously Sim's personalities were defined by how well you managed their lives, but in The Sims 3 it appears you can assign your alter-ego all kinds of mental traits. Create an egotistical, neurotic or flirty character, and they begin to develop from there.

We're promised a fully functional iPhone version, so let's hope there's plenty of scope get our Sims interacting and living it up together. For now, enjoy the exclusive iPhone trailer only here on Pocket Gamer.

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