The Sims 3 getting paid themes via update

New support for in-app commerce to bring six themes packed with new items and options

The Sims 3 getting paid themes via update

EA Mobile has let us know about a forthcoming update for the iPhone version of The Sims 3 that will introduce a slate of six themes for purchase via in-app commerce.

Five themes - Nightlife, Sci-Fi, Gothic, Medieval, and University - will be made available for purchase when the new update hits, bringing new items and options.

Each will enable you to customise your Sims and their houses with special items related to the theme. We don't have specific details on the items and options available for each theme, though we're hoping for some black nail varnish for the Gothic theme and a beer pong set for University. We're not holding our breath, though.

The publisher has already kicked off a poll to determine the sixth theme on the game's official website. Choices include Vampires & Werewolves, Hip-Hop, Preppy, and Jock/Sporty among others.

No word yet on how much each theme will cost, but you can expect the update to hit sometime in the next couple months.

Be aware that only handsets updated to firmware 3.0 will be able to access the themes, so make sure you're current in advance of the update hitting the App Store.