The Sims celebrates its 10th birthday

Ten years of virtual evolution and 125 million games

The Sims celebrates its 10th birthday

It's hard to believe it was ten years ago today that we first heard the bizarre mumblings of an angry Sim that was busting to go to the toilet while you tried to decide whether to buy them a lamp or a jukebox.

But the most popular PC game of all time is celebrating its tenth birthday today, after selling around 125 million games over the last decade (that's a staggering 34,000 copies per day) and racking up $2.5 billion in revenues.

And it's not over for the virtual life franchise yet. The Sims 3 has gone down a storm on mobile and iPhone, with an expansion for the latest version (The Sims 3: World Adventures) ready to hit the App Store any time now.

So happy birthday to that virtual species that's provided so much entertainment over the last decade, or as they say in Simlish, "Yabadoo fladdum! Mucka yoo frazzenrah!"