The Shroud mobile game finally comes out

Innovative RPG has been a long time coming

The Shroud mobile game finally comes out
| The Shroud

Your World Games has finally released The Shroud, its innovative mobile RPG. It's being published by Gamevil USA, and is available now on US operator AT&T.

Does the name ring a bell? You've got a good memory if it does. We first previewed the game back in March 2006, dribbling over the prospect of its connected and location-based features.

Then, in August that year, we reported that Sony BMG would be publishing the game. Since then, nothing.

Until now. The game sees you playing Taro, who starts as a farmer, but rapidly becomes a hardened fighter capable of seeing off all manner of monsters. While still doing his fair share of farming. It sounds a bit like Harvest Moon with more fighting, in other words.

The location-based features appear to have fallen by the wayside, but the connectivity remains: there's an International Farmers League feature where you complete timed challenges and then upload your scores to the online rankings.

And then there's something called the Mines, which offers special quests to find rare gems and materials, which you then use to upgrade Taro's gear, or sell to bring in some cash.

No news on a European release, or on what happened to Sony BMG, although fellow developer Hardcore 3D Wireless helped out on the production. Rest assured we'll keep you posted.