Rub Rabbit, Rub Rabbit, Rub Rub Rub

See off rival suitors in this touchingly romantic comedy romp...

Rub Rabbit, Rub Rabbit, Rub Rub Rub
| The Rub Rabbits!

Read any book on attracting a member of the opposite sex and you'll be told that touchy-feelyness is all-important. A big hug upon saying hello, brushing crumbs off your would-be beloved's knee, or playing footsy under the table; it's rare for romance to blossom without a little physical flirtation.

Presumably that's the thinking behind The Rub Rabbits!, where you try to win over the girl (there is no boy-chasing option, we're afraid, ladies - bad show, programmers!) by rubbing and tapping your console's screen.

The sequel to last year's similar stroke-'em-up Project Rub, The Rub Rabbits! further builds on its quirky stylus-starring mini-games collection - all wrapped up within a 35 chapter adventure story - by using the DS's built-in microphone to have you screaming, breathing and whispering sweet nothings into your handheld to win over your beloved. Sounds odd? It might well be a game to play in private - other mini-games here have you turning your DS upside down or sideways like some demented, love-struck fool.

If you vanquish your 12 computer-controlled love rivals in the single player mode and win the girl's heart, you can try again with extra challenges in the 'Memories Mode' or the 'Maniac Mode', the latter inviting you to customise your girl's hair, dress and shoes. The Rub Rabbits! also offers six multiplayer modes, including Hullabaloo mode (a fingerised version of party game Twister) and the Connect mode (half a dozen four-player mini games).

The Rub Rabbits! hops into the shops on the 10th of February.